Pre-CBS 60's Repro Tremolo

Most authentic 60's Reproduction Vintage Tremolo available....all correct Specs, materials and toolingmarks...
-Faithfull Reproduction
-6 Pat.Pend. stamped saddles
-Correct Cut and thickness Topplate
-60's Cold rolled Steel Vintage style Block with shallow ballends
-Repro Claw
-3 Vintage style Springs with correct tension
-Repro Screws
-Incl. correct Toolinmarks
-2 7/32 string spacing
-#4-40 screws
-Depth of Ballend holes aprx. 6,6mm

We also offer Supreme Vintage saddles, please check under Trem. Acc.
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Any Vintage Strat Tremolo Bridge with 6 screw pivot mounting and 2 7/32" String Spacing

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correct 60's shaped Block