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Dear Crazyparts customer, most of our suppliers have big problems with the production of parts, deliverytimes are normally 4-6 weeks now in case of the Pandemic currently 4-6 and often up to 8 month and more! In addition, there is a worldwide shortage of various electronic components and the cost of raw materials such as steel, precious metals and woods are rising. Various suppliers have meanwhile raised their prices in case of this problems. Unfortunately, prices continue to rise up to 30% and there is no sign of improvement.
In case of all this problems incl. substantially higher transport costs for shipping worldwide and the strong USD, we are forced to adjust prices for many parts 15th of october.

Andy & Barbara

Just in...Gibson Customshop 1959' VOS Lemonburst

One of the most Beautiful Lemonburst...
One of the most Beautiful Lemonburst... we have ever seen and played...This is handpicked 1959' VOS Customshop Les Paul with a killer looking bookmatched Eastern Mapletop. Lemonburst color that's warm and has a nice amber look, "Faded Cherry" back color, nice and lightweight at 8 lbs 2 ounces. The 2021 reissues carry forward all of the updated appointments of the 2019 60th Annv. guitars including new CTS pots, Luxe PIO reissue BumbleBee caps and unpotted Custombuckers. Big and full sounding guitar with plenty of tight and punchy bottom end, mids are fat and clear which makes for a great classic rock, upper mids have a presence that adds some more cut. Bridge pickup lead tone, top end has some bite and sparkle, good choice for blues-rock, classic rock and also does well with a fair amount of gain for heavier rock. Consignment sale: Price 5590€ plus shipping. For more details and pix please contact us!

Just in...Lightning Bar Stopbars CNC machined ALU

CNC machined Aluminum!
CNC machined Aluminum! We got the first Lefthand CNC machined Aluminum Lightning Stopbars....righthanded will follow soon!

Area59' PAF Covers 3 hole types

Area59' PAF Covers...3 hole types...
Area59' PAF Covers...3 hole types...

Back in stock...Area59' Trussrod Covers

Back in stock...200 Trussrod Covers incl. rolled !
Back in stock...200 Trussrod Covers incl. rolled ! We just got 200 Area59' Trussrod Covers....incl. new "Rolled Version" of the finest ava. Trussrod covers! Check details!

Rolled Trussrod Covers

IMO the best Vintage style TR covers ava.
IMO the best Vintage style TR covers ava.

Area59' NOS Wire PAFs

Ltd. Edt. of 25 Sets only available
Ltd. Edt. of 25 Sets only available ...we sourced some wood spools of NOS AWG42 Pickupwire...hidden more then 60 years in a we awake this rare NOS wire to live and offer our bestseller PAF 1959' PAF set as Ltd.Edt. to order to customers choice in color and condition!

Area59' PAF...Soundclips!

We often get asked about Soundclips of our they are.. check following link: and search for Area59'


3 New Gibson ABR-1 Bridges

Just in...3 New Gibson Bridges...
Just in...3 New Gibson Bridges... Just in...Vintage Shaped Nonwire ABR-1 Bridges...Special run: Copperless plated! "Winged" ABR-1 in Gold and Nickel for sure with the correct domed Thumbhweels...and a Special run on "True to Vintage" Vintage Shaped with correct Vintage counterbore Post holes!

Nylon Knobs Customaged

Custom Aged Nylon Knobs
Custom Aged Nylon Knobs New for October...real Nylon Knobs different style aged...check out!

New Aged Nylon Strat Parts

Different style ageings...
Different style ageings...

Yes we can...Discolored Parts!

Aged the natural way without dye or chemistry!
Aged the natural way without dye or chemistry! Old Fender parts ageing the natural way...meaning over the years they case of use or invironment influences. With more then 25 years experience in ageing we know about the "Art of Aging" Picture shown Discolored Nonaged Parts!

Pickguards for PRS« Silver Sky

8 Different Colors available!
8 Different Colors available! The first replacement Pickguard in Europe for PRS« Silver Sky Series! Same high quality like all our Guards.. profile and hole positions are made to the exact same dimensions as the stock PRS Silver Sky pickguard to ensure an exact fit. Shielded in the control area.

Aged PAF Bases...

...we also offer aged PAF bases incl. sticker!
...we also offer aged PAF bases incl. sticker! Our new Area59' PAF base is also ava. "aged"....incl. Vintage correct Waterslide silkscreen PAF sticker!

"Vintage" is our language...

with more then 30 years experience ....
with more then 30 years experience .... In Guitarparts business we know "most" of all details which makes parts is our newest item...our Area59' Vintage PAF base with vintage correct "L" tooling markings...

Rod magnets just in... 0.187'' and 0.195''

The most important part of a Pickup!
The most important part of a Pickup! the magnet! Since it makes in our opinion 70% of the final sound of a pickup! A pickup is only as good as it magnets..Winding technique and the rest of the building parts are 30% of the final sound. We are proud to offer now Rod magnets from the same supplier of our famous PAF magnets...

VAT refund...

Note: We refund VAT for Non-EU countries...
Note: We refund VAT for Non-EU countries... Also for companies/musicians who provides a valid EU-VAT number! Customer has to provide the fully profable company adress! We only refund VAT when these fully infos are provided before the order was placed, it is not possible to refund the VAT retrospectively! NOTE: We dont refund VAT when customers buying parts on a their private not company registered adress, this means we only shipping to the VAT registered adress!
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