The Blackguard "Bakelite" 53'/54' Aged

...The most authentic real Bakelite "Blackguard" Tele Guard available with the most authenic ageing!...real Guards if you find ones starts 3000 USD!
Total time to aging guard with this looks cost several hrs. and you need years of experience to make these guards look as is!

-53/54' Later style with sharper edges (early style 52' has more rounded shape Bevel)
-Real Bakelite
-Punched Version (not CNC Routed like most aftermarket Guards)
-Correct size, shape and thickness
-Painstacking authentic aged...real Nitrolaquer!
-Not Ageing can ge slightly different to the pictures since every single Guards is handaged...
(Customshop Guards Vary! So we dont guarantee that the fits CS Series too!)


Available now

199,00 EUR

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