Area59' "NOS-Wire" PAF SET

We was able to find real vintage AWG42 NOS wire on wood spools. This wire was build in the 50's by Essex in the USA. Hidden more then 60 years anywhere in a we bring this wire alive and we will build a Limited Number of Area59' 1959' PAF Set by order. Those Sets will build to order, Customer can chose color combination of bobbins, ageing option and Cover Option...Deliverytime is around 6-8 weeks. All Sets comes incl. certificate. The old wire was made by Essex/USA and compare to new wire the color of the NOS wire is slightly more purple. Note: DC resistance tolerance +/- 5%

NOTE:This is nonaged PAF Set you can add options, like ageing and covers additional, see Options on this side!

Ltd.Edt. NOS wire 1959' calibrated Nonaged PAF Set:
-49,2mm Butyrate Bobbins
-Nickel Silver Vintage correct PAF base incl. correct "L-tooling" marks at feets
-Maple Wood Spacer
-NOS AWG42 wire
-Brass bobbin screws
-Raw steel keeper
-Vintage alloy slugs
-Vintage alloy "Cheesehead" Polescrews
-2 Strand braided shield wire
-Custommade partial loaded vintage alloy A5 mags
- +/- 8,1K Neck / 8,3K Bridge

Color Options:
-Double Black
-Zebra (Vintage Blonde or Vintage White)
-Double Vintage Blonde
-Double Vintage White

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Something you need to know about PAFs

Great article about PAF sound.... Most Pickupbuilders advertise their Pickups with DC resistance to compare but this is not main factory of the sound! To understand whats important please read this article!

New Baseplate with "L-tooling markings"

Vintage Ivory Butyrate Bobbins

Vintage White Butyrate Bobbins

Black Butyrate Bobbins

Vintage alloy "Cheesehead" Polescrews

Low Carbon Barkeeper

Vintage alloy slubs

Area59' Vintage PAF Cover

The most authentic Vintage PAF Covers ava.!
The most authentic Vintage PAF Covers ava.! Made in UK from the same supplier who makes the famous OTP Covers in the early 80's

Vintage correct 2-strand braided shield wire