Vintage "Cheesehead" Fillister Pole Screws Gold

Vintage "Cheesehead" Fillister Pole Screw Set (6) Gold plated
This is Vintage correct PAF Screw Reproduction! Vintage Alloy of our Custommade PAF Parts...
Lab testing and research of vintage PAF parts assure that these reproduction Parts are vintage accurate and tonally true to vintage Pickups. Slugs has the bullseye signature look of the vintage original, our "Cheesehead" Polescrews has Vintage correct size head and look incl. correct circle at the end of the screw. All Parts are made in USA!
Hasn't sound this good since 59'!
1010 Low Carbon Steel
Made in USA, Gold plated steel fillister pole screws
5-40 x 3/4" slotted
Set of 6

Product ID: CP-1939G

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10 Set of 6 je 3,50 EUR
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Set of 6

Top our new "Cheesehead" Polescrews
Top our new "Cheesehead" Polescrews correct Vintage head and thread...