Aged Vintage PAF Base 49,2mm with Pat.No Sticker

Now ava. aged Vintage PAF Replica Base made to org. Gibson Vintage Specs with real Silkscreen PAt. No. PAF Sticker...Sticker is one of the best Reproduction decals ava. (Made in UK) real Silkscreen printed with Gold powder, no cheapo Lasercopy!
-Nickel Silver stamped material
-49.2mm pole spacing with smaller poles screw holes
-Pat.No.2.737.842 sticker
-Long Legs
-Quantity 1
The Vintage PAF Base have smaller pole screw holes. The pole screw holes are not threaded but are easily threaded by using 5-40 fillister poles screws during assembly. Positive contact between the pole screws and baseplates like in the original PAF pickups.


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