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High Quality Pickguards Made in Japan!
We offer some great Replacement Guards for Fender and Gibson Guitars...incl. some rare Custommade Guards with Vintage correct colors and specs! The Greenguards are very close to the old Vintage Fender Guards.
if you looking for Vintage Spec Guards you guarantee will find a nice one...
NOTE: All Guards made from US template so will fit Fender US/Mexican Vintage Series. They dont fit American Std. of other modern Guitars!

Real Wide Bevel Guards

Wide Bevel compare to Std. Bevel (Top)
Wide Bevel compare to Std. Bevel (Top) We offer Standard and Wide Bevel Guard with thicker Black middle layer...

Its all about the details!

Correct countersunk holes...
Correct countersunk holes... Its all about the guard is Fender Pure Vintage Series Parchment Guard, bottom guard is Crazyparts Version with correct deep countersunk holes for pickguard and pickupscrew!

62' or 64' style

Whats the difference 62' to 64'?
Whats the difference 62' to 64'? 62' hole position (see picture top guard) screwhole is in the middle of the neck and middle pickup, while 64' type the hole is closer to the middle pickup!

Vintage correct Countersunk holes!