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"CAB" Vintage Ivory HB Mounting Rings

Brandnew..."CAB" - Version of our Humbucker Rings... made of cellulose acetate butyrate, a popular material back then known to be static free, has a pleasant clinging feel for the player's delight. It will be the ultimate proof that this product is not just a vintage lookalike. It embodies a world of craftsmanship filled with elegance, nostalgia, and universal emotion. Another great property of "CAB" is that the material is softer compare to Standard Plastic "ABS" Rings, they will follow the Topcarve easier so they "normally" don't breat (Otherwise the Topcarve is Extrem)
Real CAB Rings never offered in this Pricerange...its a real Bargain Price we offer our Rings!!!
-Why they are cheaper compare to other brand M69 Rings which are nearly 2-5x higher in price?...Because our Rings are build from an existing mold (we don't have to buy a new mold which cost 10-12oooUSD...
-Why they don't have the inside toolingmarks and "M69" Markings inside...because it's simple!!! "NOBODY" see when Rings are mounted on your guitar!!!
CAB is the softest material at the market, so they will follow carve Gibson Historic and CC Les Paul tops. We cannot guarantee that rings not break when mounted on other guitars with wrong carve.
Bone White Humbucker Mounting Rings (Set of 2)
Made of real "CAB" Cellulose Acetate Butyrate"
Color: Vintage Ivory
Heigth Neck Ring: 4,4x6x90mm
Height Brigde Ring: 10x11,8mm
NOTE: Mounting Screws are not included, please order seperate!


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27,95 EUR

incl. 19% USt. zzgl. Versand
Set of 2

Left to right-Vintage Ivoy-Vintage Bone-Bone White
Left to right-Vintage Ivoy-Vintage Bone-Bone White