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Dear customer, we are forced to adjust our prices in case of the worldwide Covid pandemic.
All suppliers have recently adjusted their prices in case the worldwide shortage of various components. In addition, costs for electronic components, raw materials and freight are unabatedly high. Prices for Steel, Copper, German silver raised up to 60%, also Chemicals for plating 30%, Wood prices raised more then 30% too. We have not included the substantially higher transport costs ( up to 50%) in our selling prices until now, we hoping that the rates would soon fall back to normal levels. Unfortunately, prices continue to rise and there is no sign of improvement. Some materials from subcontractors are not longer ava. anymore (in case of bancrupty wafe) so many suppliers have to search for new materials, also in case of the covid wafe there is a shortage of qualified staff too, in this case deliverytimes of our suppliers are now between 6-12 month! (Normally 4-8 weeks)
...anyway the positiv thing is, we still have one of the best and finest selections of rare, hard to find & high quality parts for reasonable prices compare to some other competitors (esp. Aged/Relic parts)
Stay safe and healthy everybody...Barbara, Andrea & Andy!

Pre-CBS Accessorie Sets

Just in...Pre-CBS Accessorie Kits
Just in...Pre-CBS Accessorie Kits We offer 5 different Pre-CBS style Accessorie Kit...Eggshell (Off-White) HIPS - and 4 different real Nylon (Blacklight reacting) Kits... in different colors...Vintage White / Aged Vintage White / Ivory and Creme/Ivory...all Sets have Pre-CBS style Fonts/Numbers, the pickups Covers have like the org. ones slightly softed tops (not hard like most aftermarket ones) and Tips have also correct tooling marks...just like the real Vintage ones!

Complete Pickguard Assemblies...

Because your guitar is worth wearing fine parts!
Because your guitar is worth wearing fine parts! We offer complete Pickguard Assemblies (just platics) real Celluloid/Nitrate guards with our Pre-CBS style Knobs, Covers and Tips...this sets incl. also a large thin vintage style shielding plate!

Ltd.Edt. Gibson ABR-1

Ltd.Edt. Gibson ABR-1 with soft brass parts
Ltd.Edt. Gibson ABR-1 with soft brass parts We have 100 of Spezial Edition Gibson Nonwire ABR-1 made for Area59' with our soft brass saddles and screws...this bridge will bring back you Gibson to life...after nearly 2 years research testing retooling we received the final version! This bridge sound more "VINTAGE" then most other aftermarket ones...The softbrass parts sounds much smoother and dont have the high zzzzzing in tone...real Vintage attitude! We take attention to the details like...Shape and size of the saddles incl. the slightly wide top! The tooling markings and the plating...same attention we take to the screws...they let the Bridge "BREATH" not like the Standard ABR-1 where screws sitting hard into the bridge! Our saddles and screws have the same fit like the Vintage ones which is one of the secrets of the sound! -

Area59' Vintage Softbrass ABR-1 Parts

Maybe the best Investment for our Gibson
Maybe the best Investment for our Gibson Our complete package of Area59' Soft brass saddles, screws and thumbwheels...this will change dramatical the sound of your guitar....can't be more vintage sounding! For sure also ava. AGED! are some customer comments about our new parts:
Dear Crazyparts,
Today i installed my new Ltd ed ABR1 vintage shape on my 2019 60th anniversary 59 LP.
My guitar has better parts already. Gibson claimed their anniversary models are closer to the original as before.
Although I was sceptic that the new bridge could deliver an even better sound, I pulled the trigger and ordered one. I got surprised before by crazyparts (e.g. PAF covers copperless nickel plated, 550K tvt pots compaired to VIPots).
At first sight the new bridge wasn’t that different. A little less rounded edges than the anniversary bridge and the new saddles with wider edge. Looser fit of the saddles and screws as described on the website. After I slotted the saddles, I put on the same strings to compare the bridges soundwise.
Immediately I could hear a difference in acoustic resonance when played unplugged. Nice ring and a little louder.
OK, time to connect the amp with a bluesy setting and a few pedals.
I could feel the guitar breath more. The playability is a lot easier because the loose feel of the sound. More sustain and note separation. An open sound, better than before, even it was already a near perfect guitar to me.
Now the guitar rings more on cleaner settings, with a little more low-mid quacky sound on the attack. More detailed.
The ear-piercing frequency on the high E and B string (bridge pickup) is less pronounced (4KHz+), although with more presence/brilliance. More balanced voice on the bridge pickup. Just like I wanted. A winner to me. A decent upgrade for the tone purist. Worth every penny.
Another piece of the puzzle.
Keep up the good work! Bart De Bruyne Belgium
The bridge you sent me woke my guitar up. Especially when I added brass thumb wheels. Here in New Mexico we would say A fuckin + Chris S. New Mexico
It’s impressive how much the correct bridge changes and makes it vintage sounding.
I have a R8 from 2008 with 50’s wiring, kluson tail piece and Spirit of 59 from Amber PU (another German product!!)
And I now have the LP tone I have been searching for, it’s been a journey! Marjus B. Denmark

The next Adventure of Dr.Frank Einstein

Dr. Frank Einstein Genius and Mastermind
Dr. Frank Einstein Genius and Mastermind ..of Crazyparts presents...the Area59 Vintageshape Stopbar Project!....

Area59' Vintage shaped Alu stopbars...

For now 5 years our bestseller...
For now 5 years our bestseller... Vintage shaped Area59' aluminum stop tailpiece, these have some extra steps taken that are more vintage accurate than the stock reissue tailpiece, the sharp edges have been broken and rolled by hand, the nickel and gold plating is direct to the aluminum without the layer of copper used in all modern plating, without the soft copper layer which is an easy way to fill imperfections, more time is needed to polish the raw aluminum before plating -

60's Pre-CBS Trems back in stock!

We have 8 trems left from overal shipping of 30!
We have 8 trems left from overal shipping of 30! After weeks of waiting we got 30 trems (22 already was preordered) So hurry if you want one!

New Color for Celluloid Guards....

New Color.... Bright Lava Red
New Color.... Bright Lava Red Just in our new Bright Lava Red Celluloid guards....they looks amazing....we now offer 3 different colors...All Guards are 3 Player with real Celluloid Toplayer...-

You asked for it! You got it!

Aged Real Celluloid guard with Nylon Parts
Aged Real Celluloid guard with Nylon Parts We now offer our aged Celluloid guards with our Pre-CBS style real Nylon Parts....-

New! Celluloid NOS style aged

NOS style ageing for Celluloid guards...
NOS style ageing for Celluloid guards... We know offer our Celliuloid guards NOS-style aged...guard get special treatment...Smoother Bevel - min. discoloration and glossy light discolored bevel...-

Worlds finest CNC Machined Wraparound Stopbars

Just in...CNC machined Wraparound Stopbars
Just in...CNC machined Wraparound Stopbars The worlds finest CNC machined Aluminum Bridges available...MADE IN USA...Lightning Bolt for perfect Vintage look and Ridged for Modern & Vintage Guitars...Perfect intonation! All Wraparound Stopbars are precisely milled out of Al 7075, commonly known as „aircraft-aluminum“. -

Area59' NOS Wire PAFs

Ltd. Edt. of 25 Sets only available
Ltd. Edt. of 25 Sets only available ...we sourced some wood spools of NOS AWG42 Pickupwire...hidden more then 60 years in a we awake this rare NOS wire to live and offer our bestseller PAF 1959' PAF set as Ltd.Edt. to order to customers choice in color and condition! -

Area59' PAF...Soundclips!

We often get asked about Soundclips of our they are.. check following link: and search for Area59'


VAT refund...

Note: We refund VAT for Non-EU countries...
Note: We refund VAT for Non-EU countries... Also for companies/musicians who provides a valid EU-VAT number! Customer has to provide the fully profable company adress! We only refund VAT when these fully infos are provided before the order was placed, it is not possible to refund the VAT retrospectively! NOTE: We dont refund VAT when customers buying parts on a their private not company registered adress, this means we only shipping to the VAT registered adress!
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