Area59' Aged "Burst" Gold CAB Top Hat Set (4)

The finest aged Vintage corect Knobs
The finest aged Vintage corect Knobs Each knobs is aged by hand...with more then 25years experience Crazyparts is worlds 1st Adress for "Aged and Rare" Vintage style Parts for Gibson & Fender Guitars!

Area59' Hasn't felt and looked this good since 59' our "CAB" Butyrate Gold Tophats are the finest you will find at the market... Aged Version
Replicating such details as side skirt, edge, knurls, and numbers was made possible by "mastercam", newly introduced 3D software. Only an impeccably designed mold, down to the weld line, can produce perfect knobs.
The process where white paint is injected into each number with deft hand work is reminiscent of a cream decoration performed by a Parisian patissier. Because they are produced in the same way as vintage, The Area59' parts are already vintage at production stage.
Following this painting, which requires the same amount of time, effort and pride as the old times, the numbers are then topped with specially blended gold powder. A blend of original Pelikan powder and new powder of same specs provides improved 'aged'ability, i.e. naturally 'aged' looks, in spite of artificial ageing process.
Area59' Knob's side skirt, made of cellulose acetate resin, a popular material back then known to be static free, has a pleasant clinging feel for the player's delight.
Set of 4 Knobs
Note: Knobs are individually aged by hand and are unique for every knob!

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Set of 4