Area59'Ltd.Orange Box Low-Profile ABR-1 Gold Set

ONLY 20 Bridges build for Crazyparts! Incl. Domed Thumbwheels and Posts!
This ABR-1 is a vintage shaped repro bridge (based on Genuie Gibson TH-Collection Vintage shaped ABR-1) it was likely manufactured between 1960 and mid-1963, based on the nylon saddles and no retaining wire. Some time in the middle of the 1963 production year, Gibson began using "wired" ABR-1 bridges which implemented a retaining wire to hold the saddles in place. this bridge was manufactured before that transition took place and is correct for several models including SG/Les Paul Custom, ES-345, and ES-355 guitars manufactured from late 1960 - 1963. It would also be a great substitute for the difficult to find "thin" or "low profile" ABR-1 bridges used on ES-345 and ES-355 guitars with shallow neck angles manufactured from 1958 - 1960. Perfect for a vintage Gibson restoration or to add some vintage mojo to a modern Gibson guitar. This bridge comes with Brass saddles and screws.

Area59' Ltd.Edtion Orange Box- GIBSON ABR-1 Vintage Shape Winged Nonwire Bridge... Only 20 Bridgesbuild! Incl. Softbrass Saddles/Screws and Domed Thumbwheels! The best Vintage tone investmend for your Gibson!
-Vintage Shaping
-Winged Bottom for Maestro and Bigsby installed Guitars
-Area59' Vintage Soft Brass Saddles
-Area59' Vintage Soft Brass Screws
-Area59' Soft Brass Bridge Posts
-Incl. Domed Thumbwheels
-Orange Paperbox Repro incl. Vintage style Screwdriver and Printed Instruction

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