S-Custom Buttons fits Gotho/PRS®Mad.Rosew./Snakew.

Hailwood Guitars & Parts est. 2003 - Handmade in Germany from experienced workers, made of the finest materials available...
This is our newest High-End Button Series for Schaller M& Series Tuners (Incl. PRS-Phase I/II tuners)...Many worksteps needed to build this beautiful Tunerbuttons!
The Classic Schaller M6 Standard size Buttons fits Gotho and PRS Tuners! Note, these are aftermarket buttons not genuie Gotho or PRS Buttons!

-Real Wood with White Frame and Exotic Wood Inlays
-Sold as Set of 6 Buttons
-Polished surface (protected against sweat and dirt)
-Note: In case of the naturally of wood, grain and pattern can vary!
-Tuners show with the pictures are not incl.!
-Please note! To build those buttons is needed a lot of precise and handwork in this case...you can't get anything good cheap! They are worth every Euro!

Product ID: HW-TB-028-MAD/SW

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Set of 6