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Europes largest Selection of Customparts

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Custom Aged Gold Vibrolas...LTD. Qtys

if you think you've seens everything before..

He knows about good sounding PAFs...

Nalle Colt using Pat. Appld. 1959er PAFs

and CTS "TVT" Pots with Bumble Bees Caps in his Les Pauls now

Kluson® Tuners aged....the best!

Kluson® ST/TE Tuners new and aged

"Art of Aging" the worlds finest ageing available....

"Art of Aging"...more then 20 years experience

World class ageing...with 20 years experience

No rust! and the ageing will not affect the function ability.

Kluson® Tuners back ....checkout!

Gibson® style Tuners with different Buttons

its your choice...DMC, WD® or Kluson® Europe (Göldo)

Hasn't sound this good since 59'

New PAF Series...1957er - 1959er- Pat. No. PAF

PMT V-Treb Adj. Treble Bleed Bypass Circuit

Great piece for every gtr....Variable Vol. Mod

you control how bright or warm the tone will get!

Conversion Posts and Wheels

Conversion Posts...large selection

Nashville TOM to ABR-1 or Import to ABR-1 Posts...and lot of different wheels...

CTS "Area59" TVT Pots Best Vintage Taper

"Area59" TVT CTS Pots now available

...smoother turning, best Vintage Taper available!

Humbucker Mounting Rings aged..

Just in...Curved Rings

our Bestsellers now with Curved Bottom available

The best source for Pickupmaking Parts

MADE IN USA...the source for rare Parts

We offer one of the largest selection of Pickupmaking Parts...

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Shipping Germany by Hermes 4,90€ DHL 6,90€
Shipping Europe (Norway, Switzerland) 9,90€
Shipping USA/Canada, Japan (Worldwide) 10,90€
Shipping Body/Neck/Fretboards Europe/USA 20€

..nearly 30% off all customers choose wrong shipping rates, please make
sure you choose the right rate for your country! Otherwise your shipping will
delayed in case of we have to ask to send the correct amount!

Best Reproparts available

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