CTS "SPT" Taper10% 275K Shortshaft Pot

Back in stock our "Bestseller" Pot for the experience Vintage oriented player...The 275K Superpot Series with most same specs like out bestsellers!
We checked the first box and they most reading 270K and more which is fantastic low tolerance! Normal Standard CTS pots have tolerance of 20% but most less then the advertised value!

-275K Splitshaft Custompot
-10% Vintage Taper ("A" audio taper: fast roll-off from max volume, allows for quick swell techniques with a snappy response.)
-Improved solder properties of the back cover.
-Bakelite base plate.
-Lowest turning torque ava. from CTS 36-144gcm for an easier smoother more responsive control.
-Tolerance of less that aprx.6% most pots in lot reading 270K plus!
-Brass thread and shaft.
-Complete with nut and washers.
-Total pot depth - 28mm
-Length of threaded shaft - 6mm
-Shaft diameter - 9.5mm
-Base of pot diameter - 23.5mm

Product ID: CTS-275SPT

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