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"Te-Top" Shortleg PAF Humbucker Bridge 4cond.

The new Area59' T-Top Replica is a faithful recreation of mid 60's- 1970's era Gibson humbucking pickups that really capture the tone ,feel and look of the famous classic rock pickups!
Made with vintage correct parts and Butyrate T-Top Repro bobbins. Build for players who want a vintage feel with a crisper, harder attack courtesy of the AlNiCo V magnet which produces a nice edge to the tone with great clarity and articulation clean or dirty. When driven the T-Top has a very musical response that is both crisp and aggressive. Pickups who hold their place in rock history! Rock'n'Roll Damnation...

+/- 7.7k-7.9k for the bridge
T-Tops Reprobobbins (Butyrate)
Vintage correct Baseplate
4 Cond. Cable /2 Strand Braided Shiel wire on request
Short A5 Magnet
Double Black or Double Blonde on request

Product ID: A59TTSL

Available soon

159,00 EUR

incl. 19% USt. zzgl. Versand