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Alnico 5 Rough Vintage Alloy Bar Magnet Short

Alnico 5 Rough Vintage Alloy Bar Magnet (Short) 2.371″ x .491" x.121 / 60,2 x 3,07x 12,5mm (magnetized)
Bright sounding with more focus and enhanced dynamics. A good choice for adding a brighter punch to a warm or dull sounding amp or guitar.
Overall the Alnico 5 is bright and punchy, with glassy highs, tight bass, and more attack. Alnico 5 magnets are the most commonly used magnets in guitar pickups today.
Providing more focus in the upper-mids and brighter highs. The bottom-end is deep but very controlled and coupled with the extra cut in the high-end. Great for organic, clean and driven tones.

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