"Our Vintage Soul" Vol. 1 - 3

The ultimate and most complete Fender Vintage collection in Europe in 3 Books... amazing detail pictures of a great collection!
The books "OUR VINTAGE SOUL " volumes 2 and 3 present a precise chronological representation in photographs of the complete Fender Vintage collection of Flavio Camorani, which includes all the instruments in standard 'solid body' colours and at least one model of each amplifier for for each period produced and listed in the official catalog by the FENDER FACTORY between 1946 and 1974.
In addition there is a tour of the 'Fullerton Factory' from the period 1982-1984, considered by the authors to be worthy of inclusion despite the total quality decline that followed Leo Fender's final departure from the company that bore his name.
Just like the first volume, the two new books have been produced using excellent quality coated paper, hard cover and handcrafted binding to make the most of the impressive content.
Explanations of over 100 instruments with their original cases, amplifiers, catalogs, guitar straps, cable jacks, electronic effects, tags and posters have been written in Italian but represent a minimum part of the content when compared to the many photos graphically depicting disassembled guitars, allowing the reader access to all the technical details highlighted by the authors in the combined 864 illustrated pages.
The texts were entirely made by Flavio Camorani, the 7 month photo set was edited by Michela Taioli and Flavio Camorani (with the constant presence of 'Rock 2' the family dog giving support), the graphics were curated by Matteo Camorani, the layouts by Matteo and Flavio Camorani, the covers designed by Michela Taioli and made by Matteo Camorani, the printing and binding by Ge.Graf Forli.
Flavio Camorani started the project and drafts in September 2005 finishing in January 2020 after selecting the shots and completing the layout.
Michela Taioli took 12,428 photographs of the entire collection between October 2018 and May 2019 whilst supervising and taking the role of commercial manager.
The final product was completed in March and published in April 2020 with the following specifications to produce a high quality product-:
Ltd. to 1000 Books each
Each volume is 432 pages on 135gr coated paper.
4 colour printing, stitched in laminated hard cover with protective varnish and a square spine.
Size is- 21 X 29.7 cm
Weight is- 2.1 kg
Language- Italian
Authors- Flavio Camorani & Michela Taioli
Publisher- Prisma Melody Club Forli
Management- Michela Taioli
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Stunning detail Pictures on more then 400 pages!

Fender Vintage Collection 1965-74'
Fender Vintage Collection 1965-74' This book is about the most complete Fender Vintage Collection in Europe...amazing detailed pictures, you've never seen before!

Vol.2 Fender Vintage Collection 1946-64'

Out now! Ltd. Hardbound Edition Vol. 2 & 3 ...
Out now! Ltd. Hardbound Edition Vol. 2 & 3 ... Just out...a must have for every Fender Vintage freak...great detailed pictures...Ltd. to 1000 Hardcover books worldwide! More then 400 pages full of Detail Pictures you never seen before!