Luxe 1956-58 Tele/Strat/P-Bass .1uf/150v Repro Cap

1956-1958 Tele/Strat/P-Bass .1uf/150v Repro Capacitor
This particular cap was used for a very short time and may even be a manufacturing fluke, they are almost identical to the late '50s white chiclet cap, but they are a little skinnier and have a wider foil band. They appear most often in late 1956 and early 1958, just after the brown chiclets ran out. Illustrated vintage-correct wiring diagrams for the Telecaster, Stratocaster and Precision Bass* are included in the kit.
One (1) Luxe .1uF Phone Book Capacitor.
Identical in Appearance and Performance to Original Components used in the 1956 to 1958 Stratocaster and Precision Bass.
These are brand new, made in the U.S.A. in the Luxe Radio workshop, to Vintage Specs.
Each cap is hand wound on a 1932 Sprague Specialties Co. Winding Machine replica using exact vintage spec foil and paper film. They're hand soldered, hot vacuum impregnated with pure castor oil and pure beeswax and hand-wrapped.
These parts are fresh from the time machine and authentic inside AND out.

Product ID: Luxe-56/58TC

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