Offset Compensated 5/16" Tele Saddle Set Steel

Tonemission “to make the guitar sound at its best”. To get the best our of your Telecaster’s real potential a simple way to make it sound even better. Thesee new "Offset compensated" bridge saddles, cut out from solid block material, create a stunning tone quality you never heard before from your guitar, while the unique shape dramatically improve the octave tuning. The saddles aren't marked because they're asymmetrical. The two that are positioned the same are for the E/A and B/e while the other is for D/G String.
Offset Compensated Tele Cold rolled Steel saddle Set
STEEL: Sound...Cold rolled steel adds a very acoustical value to the guitars tone, with more highs than brass but less highs than aluminum.

Compensated Telecaster barrel saddle - Set of 3
Made in USA
Steel - Adds presence and lots of punch to the tone
Offset 5/16" diameter barrel
10.8mm string spacing
1/16" allen key needed for height adjustment (not included)
1" screw length
1 saddle - spring and screws included
Rounded Highadj. Screws for best Bridgecontact
They are specially designed for sets of strings ranging from 8's all the way to 13's with accurate intonation. They are v groove notched so no string slipping, minimum wear, reduced string noise and buzz at the saddle and more contact from the string to the saddle. Even the set screws were designed with a special end so they make the most contact possible to your bridge plate. They are asymmetrical so they can be flipped upside down for a left hand set so no more buying extra saddles or having stragglers


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Set of 3