Strat® Full Guard Assemblies

1965 Fender Strat Replica Guards...
1965 Fender Strat Replica Guards... Amazing close to the real deal...ava. as single Guards or complete Assembly with our Bestseller "Nylon Parts"...

Perfect matching parts for all taste. We offer the most common and bestselling Full Assemblies.
What parts we offer in our Assemblies...
-Strat® Pickguard
-Tremolo Backplate
-depending on year thin alu shielding plate

-Aged Screw Set (19 Pickguard Mounting Screws, 6 Pickup Mounting Screws, 2 Switch Screws)

  • AOA-65' Strat®-Full Assembly

    "Art of Aging" 65' Strat Full Assembly... What you will get... -65' Vintage correct Eggshell Col...

    149,00 EUR (incl. 19% USt. zzgl. Versand)