Gibson® Maestro Vibrola Nickel

We will get ltd. qtys of Gibson Maestros
We will get ltd. qtys of Gibson Maestros After more then 1 year out of stock, we will get a ltd. number of Genuie Gibson Meastro Vibrolas New and Gold...they will be ava. mid you can place order now ...First in First out...

The new...Gibson Vintage Maestro Vibrola...more correct in all details then the current Version and other Aftermarket units!
The Deluxe Gibson Vibrato (or Gibson Deluxe Vibrola, etc), released in 1963, was another long tailpiece mechanism which replaced the Gibson Vibrato. Its vibrato arm and all subsequent designs adopted the action popularized by Bigsby and Fender. Short version of Deluxe Gibson Vibrola was fitted as standard to the 1967 reissue Gibson Flying V. Also, there are two other names on the Deluxe Gibson Vibrato: "Lyre Vibrola" nicknamed after the lyre engraved on the cover plate, which was fitted to Gibson ES-335 series as an option by 1964; and "Maestro Vibrola" renamed for keeping Maestro brand, which was an option on the ES-335 by 1967.
This is the new org. Gibson Vintage Maestro Version rebuild from the org. Vintage Factory Blueprint! Made in USA. Comes incl. Mounting Screws


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