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1959' PAF Set Vintage Ivory Aged incl. M69 Rings

Vintage Ivory “AREA59” PAF Series....This is fully aged Set incl. Area59' M69 CAB rings aged ! Maybe the best and most accurate PAF Replica made from Vintage Correct Parts!
....built to breathe the famous "Burst Tone" in to your modern Guitar.
The key to it all....
- Built from the best Vintage correct PAF Parts
- Wound the old fashioned way, hand made by real people that have pride in what they do.
- Something special that isn't machine cloned and can't be created by a clever marketing campaign.
That humanity you get from one person,winding one pickup at a time, is what we think "Mojo" is.
And if we're honest, most of the vintage pickups were good, some of them were awful. But a few, a fated few were great,truly outstanding, because they had that certain something
that you can't quite put your finger on, that extra 0.01% thatmakes the hair on your neck look to the stars.

-Double Vintage Blonde Fully Aged callibrated Set
-Incl. aged slotted Screws and Springs
Slightly aged and built according to original spec other than being hand wound rather than machine, built and voiced as faithful reproductions of the best sounding late '59 PAF’s with “Unmistakable vintage character”
These are made with correct parts including the Plain enamel wire, custommade alnico magnets and the all black leads are correctly configured according to original PAFs we own.
These sets generally comes with Output +/- Neck 8,1K & Bridge 8,3K
All pickups comes with custombuild long Alnico V magnets for the real Vintage tone. We use 2 different kinds of A5 Magnets for Bridge and Neck which makes a huge difference in tone.
Nice Special Square Windows at the correct position at both sides! Vintage Correct 2-Strand Braided Shieldwire, Vintage Correct PAF Base, Brass Bobbin Screws
Vintage style PAF sticker and last but not least, Vintage correct "Cheesehead Polescrews!
Bobbins are Custommade for Crazyparts and matching the org. ol Gibson PAFs

Product ID: A59VIAM69S

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