Premium "CAB" Reflector Heads Black/Silverface

Brandnew..."CAB" - Version of our Premium Black Reflector Heads with Silverface mirrow... made of cellulose acetate resin/Butyrate, a popular material back then known to be static free, has a pleasant clinging feel for the player's delight. It will be the ultimate proof that this product is not just a vintage lookalike. It embodies a world of craftsmanship filled with elegance, nostalgia, and universal emotion. A touch darker compare to our Premium Knobs will give those knobs the ultimate Vintage look...for sure the feel of real "CAB". By the will not find better knobs in this pricerange!
These knobs are custombuild for Crazyparts to highest Standards and all the nice details of Vintage Tophats, Embossed No's, incl. rolled edges and Vintage tinted color.... Replicating such details as side skirt, edge, knurls, and numbers can produce perfect knobs. The process where white paint is injected into each number with deft hand work is reminiscent of a cream decoration performed by a Parisian patissier. Following this painting, which requires the same amount of time, effort and pride as the old times. Perfect Vintage Black Colors provides improved 'aged' abillity, i.e. naturally 'aged' looks, in spite of artificial ageing process.
-Fits CTS and Standard US 20 fine spline (knurling) controls split shaft potentiometer
-Fully tinted material "CAB" Cellulose Acetate Butyrate"
-Embossed discolored numbers
-Silver Mirrow
-Set of 4 Knobs
Note: In case of the CAB Material Numbers are not clear like on ABS/Plastic Knobs! CAB knobs have a nice Vintage apperance with kind of vintage!


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Set of 4