ES Un-Assembled Upgrade Kit (Vers.1) Shortshaft

(4) CTS "TVT" True Vintage Taper 500k vintage taper Shortshaft Pots with under 5% tolerance within the set
(1) Switchcraft USA Long straight toggle 3 way switch
(1) Switchcraft mono input jack
2-Strand Vintage Braided Shieldwire for Switchwiring
2 Volume Mods
Heatshrink Tubing
2 Mojotone Vitamin T Capacitor (Oil Filled) .022uF @ 600V
Built just like our Mojo Dijons - but with a mineral oil dielectric in a hermetically sealed case. We worked with a manufacturer to produce affordable Oil filled caps that still live up to our exacting standards.
Incl. Mounting/Installation Plated for easier wiring

Product ID: ES-UGK-1S

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