Luxe 1961-68 ST/TE .1mfd/50v Ceramic Capac

1961-68 Tele/Strat 1mfd/50v Ceramic Capacitor
After many requests, I am finally offering ceramic caps for all you '60s and '70s collectors. These caps are handmade using a vintage 1960s 1mff/50v Solar brand ceramic capacitor. A lot of old ceramic caps are leaky and worthless, but these ones test spot on, just like the day they were made. If you've got a re-issue or an original Fender guitar with a missing cap, these are just the thing for you, but don't forget the psychedelic colored cloth wire Fender started using in the 60s!
This cap was used in most everything Fender manufactured in the mid to late '60s.
• Telecaster 1964/65 to 1970 (coupled with an SK .1uF ceramic cap on the switch until 1967, when the "dark circuit" wiring was discontinued and a .001uF ceramic "treble bleed" was introduced on the volume pot)
• Stratocaster 1968 to 1970 (green chicklet also used in '68)
• Jazz 1964 to 1968 (Blue molded cap used from '68 to '70)
• Precision 1964 to 1970
• Musicmaster 1964 to 1970
Ceramic Cornell-Dubilier 1mfdfd/50vdc Repro cap . Like all my items this comes in a snappy retro case with detailed wiring diagrams.

Product ID: Luxe1964-70CC

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