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CTS "SVT" Vintage Taper 250K Solidshaft Pot

Our CTS "True Vintage Taper" Audio Taper (log) pots are especially made for Guitars and feature:
-"Soft Vintage Taper" with a slightly more softer sweep.

-Improved solder properties of the back cover.
-Bakelite base plate.
-Lowest turning torque ava. from CTS 36-144gcm for an easier smoother more responsive control.
-Tolerance of less that 10%.
-Solid Brass thread and shaft.
-Complete with nut and washers.
-Total pot depth - 28mm
-Length of threaded shaft - 6mm
-Shaft diameter - 9.5mm
-Base of pot diameter - 23.5mm

Product ID: CTS-SVT250S

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