DHL Express Shipping Infos

Now available...please checkout rates!
Now available...please checkout rates!

---Now avaialble DHL Express Shipping (Europe/Worldwide)---
---Shipping with 48hrs
---Delivery Monday-Friday 8am-7pm CET---
---You will get asap info when parts are not in stock!---
---We will not create backorders!---

---Please check all details under---

---FAQ Tracking---

---Monitor Shipments with DHL ProView---

Please read...Sorry we are no Shipping Company!!! In this case we cannot give you exact shipping time!..we get daily requests how long shipping need to reach customers adress! Shippings leave our shop normally within 1-2 days, then the package (You will get trackinginfos by email when parcel shipped) will leave Germany normally withing 1 day and will given to the receiving country post company which deliver the parcel to your adress. We are not able to say how long it will takes! Here are some apr. deliverytimes DHL anounce on webside.
Some samples: NOTE these are workdays and depending on processing time of your local Customoffice!
UK: 3-6 days
France: 4-6 days
Italy: 5-8 days
USA: 8-12 days
Japan: 8-12days
Brasil: 15-18 days

You will find closer infos here...