Machined Nashville TOM Bridge ALU Gold Assembly

Lightweight Machined Aluminum Nashville bridge
First Nashville style TOM Bridge made of Aluminum with notched Brass saddles....enhance the sound of your guitar! Comes with posts!
Machined Aluminum Nashville style TOM bridge Gold plated
Machined Brass Saddles – notched
Machined Brass Post and Anchors
Direct replacement for Gibson USA guitar equipped with Nashville bridge
Allen wrench adjustable intonation screws and bridge posts
2"(50.8mm) E to e spacing
12" saddle radius
Direct fit for USA Gibson guitars
M5 x .8 threaded posts
2 15/16 stud spacing
Weight 1.1 oz(31 grams) compared to zinc die cast 1.8oz (51 grams)
Made in USA
Gibson USA owners: You can now upgrade your stock zinc die cast Nashville bridge with a high quality CNC machined aluminum bridge. The bridge body is machined from a single piece of lightweight aluminum alloy. When compared to the standard zinc diecast guitar bridge, aluminum usually has a little less mids and nice resonance. Brass saddles and posts help the aluminum bridge to retain some presence.

Product ID: CP-1206G

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