"Art of Aging" Gold Prem.50's style Speedknobs (4)

Premium Series

These knobs are custombuild for Crazyparts to highest Standards and all the nice details of Vintage Tophats, Embossed No's, incl. rolled edges and Vintage tinted color.... Replicating such details as side skirt, edge, knurls, and numbers can produce perfect knobs. The process where white paint is injected into each number with deft hand work is reminiscent of a cream decoration performed by a Parisian patissier.

Following this painting, which requires the same amount of time, effort and pride as the old times, the numbers are then topped with specially blended gold powder.
A blend of Secret Mix of Goldpowders and Special Colors provides improved 'aged' abillity, i.e. naturally 'aged' looks, in spite of artificial ageing process.

-Fits CTS and Standard US 20 fine spline (knurling) controls split shaft potentiometer
-Fully tinted material
-Embossed discolored numbers
-2 Volume/2 Tone Knobs
-Rolled edges and top
-Signs of Greenish oxidisation (Underside)
-4 Step Ageing Treatment


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29,90 EUR

Price incl.19% Ust.
Set of 4

left Std. Speedknob - rigth Prem.with rolled edges
left Std. Speedknob - rigth Prem.with rolled edges