The look and feel of a Burst

Options Level One Level Two Level Three
• Complete Laquer strip X X X
• Vintage specs Top recarve X X X
• Vintage spec Neck Profile with rolled binding egde X X X
• Exclusive Nitro Refinish X X X
Restamp of Serial No. X X X
• Installation of correct Cellulose Nitrate Inlays - X X
• Vintage Patina Leigth Aged X X X
• Nylon 6/6 Nut - X X
Royalite Binding for Body and Neck - X X
• Installation of CITES-certified brazilian rosewood (glued with hot hide glue) with correct Cellulose Nitrate Inlays - - X
Price Introducing Price 1390€ Introducing Price 2390€ Introducing Price 3690€

Add-On Options and Services

Vintage correct Logo Replacing of the factory MOP logo with one in a vintage correct font, using correct placement and orientation based on the year of the guitar. 250-300€
Nylon 6/6 Nut Installation of a vintage correct Nylon nut for Level One Makeover 120€
Guitarparts Shadows Adding Guitarparts Shadows to the Standard Refin. Shadows for Pickguard, Rings and pointers. 250€
Headstock Stinger Black Headstockstinger with Yellow Serial. No. added 80€
Hot Hideglue Neckreset Neckreset with Hot Hideglue for Post-2013 Guitars 500€
Ageing Level One Includes minor wear such as small nicks, scuffs, and scratches 250€
Ageing Level Two Includes authentic weather-checking and more noticeable edge-wear, pick scratches, whiskey bumps, etc. 350€
Aeging Level Three Includes authentic weather-checking and serious wear on the finish. Buckle rash, arm wear, scrapes, scratches, oxidation for Gold Top Finish 450€
Custom Theme Ageing Customtheme Ageings like, J. Page Burst, Pearly Gates, Greeny etc. 650€

Place your order/deposit:

Select your Area59' Makeover package and send your 50% deposit (of the packageprice without options) to get started. Add the options/Services to your choice and contact us. Once your guitar reaches the paintlevel, we will invoice you for the package balance, additional Options,Services, and return shipping. (Currently del. Time will be aprx. 8-10 weeks)

Complete Your Work Order Form

We will sent you our order form via email once we receive your initial deposit. Complete our online work order form, select the additional options and services and send back to us asap. This order form providing us with a comprehensive overview of your vision for your guitar. After we received your orderform we will qoute you the final price of the complete Makeover.

Ship Your Guitar

After you received the final price confirmation, ship your guitar in a safety box to the adress we send you. If you need help with packing and shipping, please call us, and we will guide you through it. We offer Pickupservice by DHL Express too, please ask.

Stay tuned

We will start working on your instrument asa the guitar arrived and keep you involved in the decision makeover process step by step. You will get a fully documentation of the Makeover incl. a Certificate after the work is done. (Add. we offer weekly report with pictures). Leadtime for the Makeover (depending on Options and Level) at the moment is around 8-10 weeks.

Starting 1959€ for Level One Makeover
Starting 1959€ for Level One Makeover Checkout details under Area59 Vintage Makeovers...from Standard to Customtheme ageing, incl. Fully Aged Hardware, Plastics, Electronic and Pickups we have everything to give your Guitar the ultimate Vintage look