Plastic Parts aged

"Art of Aging" meets...."True to Vintage" Series....
Hasn't felt and look this good since 59'
Dealing more then 20 years Vintage related Guitarparts we know about Quality and Details of good stuff...The new Area59' '"True to Vintage" Series name what you will get!
Ageing is Art...we know about the "Art of Aging Quality goods aged inhouse... we started aging Plastic and Metalparts more then 20 years ago longtime before others done. After long research and our experience in aging parts we are proud to introduce our "Art of Aging" Series...High Quality Vintage Related Aftermarket Parts... We offer a wide range of Metal and Plasticparts esp. for Gibson and Fender style Guitars...our goal is to offer authentic looking aged parts for a reasonable price! Please note that we age parts one at a time painstaking and carefully by hand, in this way every single piece is unique.