Area59' Parts for Gibson

Hasn't felt and look this good since 59'

True to Vintage...Plastic and Hardware now Online!
True to Vintage...Plastic and Hardware now Online! Custommade for Crazyparts...Customaged by Crazyparts

Area59' "True to Vintage" Series...hasn't felt and look this good since 59'
Because modern molding tends to be too accurate, special fine tuning was made to padding, thinning (to prevent warping), undercut (for easier ejecting of molded parts), weld line (to avoid product cracking), and gate (injection point) setting in order to simulate the looseness of the old times. This product is not just a copy, it is the synthesis of manufacturing process analysis and molding experts’ craftsmanship. State-of-the-art technology and passion were poured into producing this calculated looseness and ‘worn-out’ looks.

Plastic pellets used as material also reproduce color, hardness and mass of the original. Then, a blending expert added some fine tuning, so subtle modern instruments cannot measure. Be it the black-light reactive color (light green in natural light), the filler color smudge, or the warp by RAP technique (shrinking by Ripening Ageing Process) Metal Parts polished by hand with old techniques to replicate all those nice details of the old real workers! Its all about the details!

Gold Top Hats (CAB)

Real Nitrate Trussrod Cover

M69 Buytrate Rings

Real Catalin Switchtip

Les Paul Custom Nitrate Guard

Layered ABS Guard