Area59' Vintage PAF Cover Version I Nickel New

The most authentic Vintage PAF Covers ava.!
The most authentic Vintage PAF Covers ava.! Made in UK from the same supplier who makes the famous OTP Covers in the early 80's

Hasn't felt and looked this good since 59' not just a slogan...the Area59' Parts Series contains Vintage Gibson Reproduction Guitar Parts which are close as possbile to the real deal!
Another Milestone of this Series is our new PAF Cover Series...we study org. PAF Covers in all details (we own several Gibson PAFs and Covers from 1957'-1965') and finally we are lucky came across the toolingmaker that build the famous "British" OTP PAF Covers... Now Historie repeats...

Vintage PAF covers has got this gentle look that only careful hand work can achieve. Drawing, pressing, meticulously cut edges, loosely finished pole piece hole, buffing, plating for a deep shine. To replicate this gentleness, is produced exclusively by specialized staff throughout complex processes, from material processing to finishing. For sure with the correct 0,20' thickness real German Silver material.
(Early Covers was made of 0,22'' thick material and came out around 21,5''-21'' after polishing process, Gibson change material in around 59' to 0,20'' thick material, which make out on some areas down to 0,19 and little less)
For example, after pressing, each piece is hand-buffed, to recreate the unique drooling and shape. True to Vintage, no layer of copper is to be found on the base, an important feature for the finishing process. As for plating, every single detail has been studied and analyzed, to replicate the same shine and texture. Area59' PAF-cover’s well balanced and true design, realized by meticulous analysis of each manufacturing step by our craftsmen, radiates beauty and harmony. Covers are ava. -All CLP (Copperless plated) Nickel and Gold
Version I versus Version II...what's different? From 1957' to mid 1961 Gibson Covers has only light pulled screw holes, while end of 62' till end of 60's' most Covers has slightly more pulled holes! You have the Choice! Its personall taste!

-Vintage correct light dimpled screw hole look of 50's vintage P.A.F. covers
-Great vintage look upgrade for any P.A.F. style pickup
-.020" thickness nickel silver material
-Stringspacing 49,2mm
-Maximum in tonal clarity - Best Sound Guarantee
-Vintage correct hole diameter
-Tops are flat assuring a proper fit and correct vintage look
-Copperless Nickel plated
-Made in UK

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Area59' PAF Cover Vers. 1&2 only 39€
Area59' PAF Cover Vers. 1&2 only 39€ /

Version I (right) versus Version II (left)

Left Version II later - Right Version I early
Left Version II later - Right Version I early Up to you and personal taste...we offer both Types! Build from a complete new retooled mold...Most authentic Vintage Cover ever build! Correct 0,20 thinkness, Copperless plated....belted not wheel polished! Super thin plating!