Area59' True to Vintage PAF Cover Nickel

....True Vintage PAF Covers Historic Specs (OEM)... we got something really special... Nickel Plated
3D scan '50s Spec PAF Humbucker Pickup
Vintage method (belted) Copperless Nickel plated
Made in USA
No copper underplating - great pickup cover for relicing!
.025" thickness nickel silver material - thicker than standard pickup covers but correct for a vintage PAF! Top thickness came out apr. 0,22'' thickness
1 15/16" (49.2mm) E to e measured center to center pole spacing. Please verify this measurement before ordering.
Overall dimensions are 2.75" x 1.5" x .65" (69.7mm x 38.1mm x 16.4mm)

Product ID: A59PAFCN25

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