Area59' Ltd. Or.Box Low Profile ABR-1 Nickel aged

Rare Winged Version, perfect for guitars with Bigsgy or Maestro Vibrols!
Area59' Orange Box Limited Edt. Gibson Nonwire ABR-1 Bridge...Not just the most authentic ABR-1 no this is problably the best sounding Aftermarket bridge, since it have the Area59' Vintage Replica Softbrass Parts....Screw, Saddles, Thumbwheels...please check details of our Single Softbrass Replacement Sets!
Special run...when gone then gone
-Winged Gibson Nonwire ABR-1
-Vintage Shaping
-Vintage Soft Brass Saddles and Screws
-Saddles Type 2 (most common 1959/60') with slightly wider top
-Saddles with correct tolling markings
-Incl. Set Domed Thumbwheels
-Incl. Brass Bridge Posts (2)
-Ltd. Edt. Aged Orange Box (Copy) incl. Manual Instruction and Vintage style Screwdriver
-Note every single Bridge is unique in ageing and shaping (Since its done by hand)

Product ID: A59-AOA-OBO-ABR-1WNA

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