Area59' "AOA" Vintage Softbrass Thumbwh.Gold aged

Vintage Burst ABR-1 Bridge Thumbwheels CLP Copperless Plated Gold One of the finest and best Vintage style Thumbwheels available!
Why they sounds better? Because they have the correct alloy and size! True to Vintage all the way! We spend a lot of research, time and money into chemical analysis of the sound secrets and find out that the main reason for the "Vintage" sound is the material lot of old Gibson parts are made from...the brass in the past was softer (checkout some ABR-1 Bridge, they have often rounded ABR-1 saddles from thousands of handcontacts of the hard brass saddles don't shown any signs of similar wear like the Vintage ones. The softer brass material sound much better, smoother and gives the guitar overall more "Vintage attitude"
-Set of 2 Vintage correct Soft Brass Thin Thumbwheels Custommade for Crazyparts
-Made in the USA
-Copperless Plated like the old Gibson ones!
-Fits USA Gibson® guitars equipped with ABR-1 bridge
-SAE 6-32 threads
-.09" (2,3 mm) thick and .63" (16 mm) diameter


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Set of 2