Vintage Style Neckplate 50/60's Serial No.

Our Pre-CBS® stamped serial number neck plates are available ranging from 1954 right the way up to 1965 (stamped 'F' CBS neckplates also available).
These plates are the correct dimensions, chrome plated with the correct stamped, serial-number and are a direct replacement for any Fender® guitar or bass (including Stratocaster®, Telecaster®, Jazzmaster®, Jaguar® Jazz Bass®, Precision Bass®, etc).
In the original Fender® assembly line the serialised neck plates were purchased and used in bulk - a Fender* factory worker would simply pick one at random out of a bin, attach it to the guitar, and move on to the next one. As a result, serial numbers were not necessarily in line with the number of guitars produced. As a result, there is some ambiguity between neck plate serial numbers and year of production (with plenty of overlap between years), but as a rough guide:

0001 to 8000 = 1954
6000 to 10000 = 1955
9000 to 16000 = 1956
16000 to 25000 = 1957
25000 to 30000 = 1958
30000 to 40000 = 1959
40000 to 58000 = 1960
55000 to 72000 = 1961
72000 to 93000 = 1962
93000 to 99999 = 1963
L-Series (1963 to late 1965)
Serial number on neckplate preceded with an "L". Considered Pre-CBS (even though CBS bought Fender in January 1965). Sometimes an "L" serial number can be seen on a late 1962 model.
L00001 to L20000 = 1963
L20000 to L55000 = 1964
L55000 to L99999 = 1965

Please choose the Year you want (You can send notice during checkout) or contact us for Serial No.'s we have in stock.
Screws will sold seperate since we offer different lenght types!

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